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Thank you for your interest in New Seasons Youth Program. We are delighted that you have chosen to drop by to see what our program has to offer. New Seasons is a new, innovative way for academically gifted and talented youth and young adults from Africa and the Caribbean to connect with American colleges and universities. Our aim is to act as a conduit, or academic recruiting agency, for those students who have a desire to study abroad here in America and for American Tertiary Institutions to seek-out academically gifted and talented international Students. We hope the information obtained through this website has enlightened you to the socioeconomic issues facing Africa and the Caribbean. With your help, we can reduce these issues by providing these regions with a pool of educated young leaders — with innovative concepts — that will help to propel their respective countries into the 21st century. More importantly, you will provide these disadvantage young people — who normally would not get the opportunity to study at a tertiary Institution within their own country, let alone abroad — the opportunity of a lifetime. We are asking that you partner with us by providing full tuition scholarships or waivers to our participants (which should include room, board and books fees). We ask that work-study be extended to each participant to defray the cost of living expenses. In return, New Seasons will provide you with exceptional scholar students who meet and exceed the requirements of your Institution. We commit to recruiting students based upon criteria provided to us by your institution. Whether academic, leadership, departmental, choral or athletic scholarships or a combination, we will provide you with a pool of qualified applicants. Each applicant will be screened through our selection process and only those meeting the criteria stipulated to us by your institution will be forwarded to you for review and consideration. All awards are at the discretion of your institution. As you are aware, many benefits accrue when international students are on college campuses. Perhaps the most commonly cited benefit to having international students on campus is the idea that the presence of such student broadens the global and cultural perspectives of American students. International students provide a learning opportunity for American students regarding global awareness, cultural sensitivity and diversity. Faculty can use international students as resources in the classroom for diverse perspectives, creating what has come to be known as the “international student-as-teacher” concept. Outside of the classroom, international students may offer cultural awareness and learning experiences to the college community through co-curricular activities, community events and host families. By offering scholarships to international students, your institution will have global exposure, which will lead to an increase in paying international students. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to call 770-929-9562 or email New Seasons at [email protected]. Again, we look forward to speaking with you and sharing how New Seasons and your Institution can partner together to make a difference in the lives of young people.

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Bill Delahunt
Bill Delahunt

Efforts by higher education and the federal government to attract international students to the United States are largely focused on Asia and Europe and should shift to Africa and Latin America, some lawmakers and witnesses argued before a House of Representatives panel on Friday.

At a hearing on the role of international students and visiting scholars in American universities, Rep. Bill Delahunt of Mass., chair of the House Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight, stressed his desire to see international student recruiting aimed increasingly at students from developing countries and continents. “I think we’ve got to be prepared to make a major investment,” he said. “Africa, Latin America are exactly where our focus should be from a public diplomacy effort.”

Delahunt wants the United States to dominate the international educational options for Africans and Latin Americans. He fears that “the future for Africa and the Africa of tomorrow in terms of the leadership in all sectors, political, economic, etc., could very well be China rather than the United States.” He later added, “Clearly, I can relate to you that the Europeans are focused on [recruiting students from] Africa.”

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